Как избежать ошибок в английском языке

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Как избежать ошибок в английском языке 07.11.2023

Как избежать ошибок в английском языке

Ошибки и ошибки
There are mistakes and mistakes when we talk. Some of them are ok and can be easily fixed, but some need special attention and a trainer.
Mistakes we can fix:
1. “I suggest to go for a walk”. This is a form mistake and we need to remember the structure and know some ways to practice this.
2. “He go to school every day”. The same, a form mistake, no need to work on this all the time as it should come with practice.
3. “He goes to the school on weekends”. This is an article mistake but again this mistake is about knowing some exceptions rather than the rules.
4. “Why not to go to the movies tonight”. Again, you need to know where the mistake is and work on it.
Mistakes we need help with as they are concept/meaning mistakes:
1. “I couldn’t come (questionable) /I wasn’t able to come on time to save him (correct)”. We need to know the difference to come up with a correct utterance.
2. “Did you manage to finish this on time? Yes, I could (wrong). We need to clarify the concept here to answer the question correctly.
3. “What did you do last night? I was drinking beer (a confusing answer). We need a trainer to help this and the answer is not right.
4. Functions and tenses - we can take any one to work on as this is the most problematic area for all of us.
There are many more of the same kind but the problem is we don’t see them, don’t know we make them and therefore can’t help ourselves.
That was the reason for launching a new course concentrating on mistakes we make and ways to avoid them.

Автор:  IHSL team

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