Планирование уроков в курсе по планированию

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Планирование уроков в курсе по планированию 27.11.2023

Планирование уроков в курсе по планированию

Planning papers are considered to be the most terrifying thing on the course. You ask why? I will explain.
There is a set of 7 papers to run a lesson and you submit them before you teach.
1. A Front page - here you introduce the type of your lesson, your main aim and objectives, group profile, anticipated problems and their solutions.
2. A Procedure page - you plan and write the stages of the lesson as they appear in the lesson. Not only do you write about the stages in great details but give reasons and justify your activities choices.
3. Next page is a Lexis analysis page. If you teach any vocabulary items you have to deal with the concept, CCQs, form and phonology at the planning stage.
4. Then comes a Language analysis page. You analyze the language you are going to teach, you start with the concept, proceed with the questions to the concept as well as to the form and finish with the phonology.
5. Your next page is a White Board (WB) page. Here you put in words and pictures the way your WB will look at the end of the lesson.
6. After you have taught a lesson you have to fill a Hot self-evaluation page. You do it straight after the lesson when you are still carrying a lot of feelings and comments.
7. Next day before and after the feedback you have to fill the last page - a Cold self-evaluation page. You put down your ideas how to make your next lesson better.
Don't you think planning is a lovely thing?

Автор:  IHSL team

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